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ISI offers world class rehabilitation and preventative work for back pain, surgery and spinal problems

This is the most effective back pain recovery and physical therapy facility I have seen. Dr. Perry’s spinal decompression hydrotherapy is unmatched.
Susan – Surgical Nurse

I messed up my back when I was new at my job. I went to ISI. Gotta say I never saw anything like that hydrotherapy gear. Great facility and friendly staff!
Eric –  Commercial Plumber
I injured my back rock climbing and did my physical therapy at ISI. Now I recommend Dr Perry to all my clients and friends with back pain. He’s the best!
Jane  –  Marketing Executive
I was in a bad a car accident and my spine was damaged. Dr. Perry’s hydrotherapy for spinal decompression helped me recover fully.
John –  Accountant

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``We may be able to help you prevent back surgery.``

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Dr. LeRoy Perry

Chiropractic Orthopedist

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Dr. Afshin Javaherian


rebecca runze ayurvedic practitioner

Rebecca Runze

Ayurvedic Practitioner

norm church certified trx trainer

Norm Church

TRX Specialist

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High Intensity Class IV Laser

Dr. LeRoy Perry, D.C. Uses High Intensity Hot Class IV Laser Therapy for Tissue Healing Since gaining FDA approval in 2003, class…

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Personal Trainers

We welcome professional credentialed trainers to join our team of personal trainers. Please call
310-559-6900 to set up a tour of our facility.

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Hiring a Receptionist

We are looking for a new receptionist for our team. Healthcare and/or Wellness front office experience is a must! This is a…

About ISI And How We Can Help You

Welcome to Dr. LeRoy Perry’s International Sportscience Institute (ISI)

Attracting patients from around the world, ISI is world renowned for its treatment of spine and back disorders, including herniated & bulging discs, sciatica, scoliosis and arthritis.

ISI doctors provide consultation, diagnosis & treatment in Chiropractic, Podiatry, and Medicine.

ISI offers High Intensity Class IV Laser Treatment, Hydrokinetic Spinal Decompression Therapy (HKSDTx), Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, and Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation. We emphasize prevention and self-help instruction.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Aquatic Center is a beautiful salt water pool located at ISI.
elizabeth taylor acquatic center at dr leroy perry dc international sportscience institute

Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Athletic Club is also located at ISI and offers hydrotherapy, Personal Training, TRX, Belly Funk, Stretch & Yoga classes.

ISI is affiliated with California’s leading Neurologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Cardiologists, Internists, Dentists, Cosmetic Surgeons and other specialists.

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Chiropractic Care FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions:
Why Should I Go to a Chiropractor?

Because Chiropractic is now the largest non medical healing art in the world. Being patient education oriented, Chiropractic has been a life changing experience to millions of people.

Who Should Go to a Chiropractor?

Anyone with structural alignment, musculoskeletal, and/or neurological problems should see a chiropractor. That means people with bad posture, foot, ankle, knee, hip and spine
problems, including neck, TMJ and headaches.
Those with spinal compression and arthritis are primary candidates for Chiropractic care.

Why? How?

Why does Chiropractic help so many people in so many ways? It is because Chiropractic biomechanically balances the body, eliminating and correcting spinal compression, which decreases pressure on the nerves and blood vessels. Correcting compression and misalignment promotes natural healing, balance and coordination, and vitality, and strength.

Common Signs of Spinal Compression and/or Vertebral Misalignment (Subluxations) Include:

· Headaches / Migraines
· Neck / Shoulder / Arm Pain
· Numbness and Tingling
· Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
· Low Back Pain
· Disc Problems
· Leg / Sciatica Pain
· Hip / Knee Pain
· Foot / Ankle Problems
· Arthritis

Other procedures that your Chiropractor might do:

Your Chiropractor can help you understand the importance of proper and balanced diet, posture, and strengthening exercises.

Methods such as ice, heat, massage, electrical therapies, therapeutic ultrasound and even Laser therapy may be used in conjunction with your adjustments to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and irritation and to help restore proper motion and function to the joints.

Chiropractic Doctors at Dr. LeRoy Perry’s International Sportscience Institute (ISI) work as a comprehensive team with medical doctors, podiatrists, dentists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, Acupuncturists, and Ayurvedic Practitioners, as well as orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and other specialists including cardiologists and cosmetic surgeons.

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Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Hydrokinetic Spinal Decompression Therapy

hydrokinetic spinal decompression therapy by dr leroy perry dcUsing a system of weights and flotation devices in a 92-degree heated pool, the patient bicycles their legs for approximately 30 minutes, allowing the spine to decompress (see illustration below).

Dr. Perry will gradually increase the weight and the amount of time per session based on the needs of each patient.

Hydrokinetic Spinal Decompression Therapy (HKSDTx) was pioneered by Dr. Perry, and is truly effective for a wide range of spinal compression issues. To learn more about HKSDTx, please go to fareresearch.org and view the 12-minute video by using the password badback.

hydrotherapy illustration by dr leroy perry dc spinal decompression expert hydrotherapy neck decompression by dr leroy perry dc hydrotherapy spinal decompression by dr leroy perry dc elizabeth taylor aquatic center at isi elizabeth taylor acquatic center at dr leroy perry dc international sportscience institute

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Dr. LeRoy Perry, D.C. Uses High Intensity Hot Class IV Laser Therapy for Tissue Healing

Since gaining FDA approval in 2003, class IV laser therapy has emerged as a vital treatment for millions of people. Over the course of the last two decades, the technology has advanced dramatically, and patient injury recovery time has drastically improved.

Class IV laser therapy is painless. The most patients feel is a warm sensation from the laser’s power. In fact, many patients enjoy this aspect because it soothes the pain.

In addition to treating arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions, doctors now use class IV laser therapy for deep tissue healing, which begins at the cellular level and leads to an increase in mitochondria calcium; the release of this calcium then starts a cascade of tissue healing from the inside out.

Professionally trained doctors like Dr. LeRoy Perry, D.C. who treat patients with class IV laser therapy know exactly which combinations work for specifc tissue healing applications. Wavelength determines the depth under the skin, the laser power determines the amount of saturation at a specific depth, and the pulse rate delivers even more power to deeper levels.

With treatment from laser light, cells also get rid of waste products quicker. The result is quicker tissue healing of tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Class IV laser therapy stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, which aid in wound and tissue healing.

Tissue healing cannot occur without blood flow. Class IV laser therapy aids in the development of new capillaries in wounded tissue and temporarily widens other blood vessels. This helps wounds heal faster because of increased blood flow.

A leading cause of pain is scar tissue or the formation of fibrous tissue. Class IV laser therapy for tissue healing results in less scarring. Another leading cause of pain is inflammation. Laser light produces vasodilation, triggering the body’s lymphatic drainage system, which helps to reduce inflammation.

Laser light also helps reduce nerve sensitivity, reducing pain signals sent to the brain. The brain and adrenal glands increase endorphins and enkephalins, the body’s natural painkillers.

Soft tissue injuries include bruises, contusions, sprains, strains, bursitis, and tendonitis. Sprains and strains involve a tear in a tendon, usually the ankle and knee. Bursitis results from inflammation of liquid surrounding joints. Tendonitis comes from overusing a tendon, which is common in athletes.
These soft tissue injuries are treatable with class IV laser therapy


Aside from the High Intensity Class IV Laser, we have ultrasound, magnetic resonance therapy (MRT), interferential, and other modalities.

We also offer a variety of therapeutic massages including sports massage.

Dr. Perry will recommend the best therapy for your condition.

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Personal Training

dr leroy perrys athletic club at isiWelcome to the Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Athletic Club, located within the International Sportscience Institute (ISI).

For over four decades ISI has provided services for our clients. Our hard work and dedication has given us international recognition in sports science, chiropractic, physical therapy, and fitness training.

Thinking about joining Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Athletic Club? See our Membership tab below for more information.

dr leroy perrys athletic club at isiThe Athletic Club is host to a select group of independent professional personal trainers who are well educated and experienced in their specific areas of fitness training. We offer TRX, one-on-one
weight and fitness training, Lean-Machine and aerobic training and much more.

These highly professional trainers will work with you to ensure that you will reach your fitness goals.

dr leroy perrys athletic club at isiTreat yourself to the best in one-on-one fitness training.

Call 310-559-6900
 with any questions or to setup an appointment for a free tour.

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Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Athletic Club Membership

dr leroy perrys athletic club brochure

Click image to download PDF

Call 310-559-6900 to make an appointment for a free tour.

You do not have to be an athlete to train at Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Athletic Club. You simply need the desire to get in shape and stay healthy.

For those who are interested in conditioning and expert One-on-One training there are a number of options available with our personal trainers (not included in membership). Please see OUR TEAM for more information on each personal trainer.

Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Athletic Club membership includes use of all facilities (gym, pool, saunas, steam rooms, locker rooms), security code and more.

Club Info:
Guest Day Pass: $30.00

Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Athletic Club Hours:
We are open 7 Days a Week

Monday – Saturday 5:30am to 9:00pm

Sundays 5:30am – 7:00pm

Club Features :
-The Lean Machine (High Intensity Interval Training)
-Ivanko Plates & Free Weights
-Hammer Strength & Maxicam
-Cardio Equipment (Precor Ellipticals, Life Fitness Treadmills, Vertical & Recumbent Bikes)
-Wide-screen TVs
-Shock Absorbing Walking Track
-Hydrokinetic Spinal Decompression Therapy (HKSDTx)
-Swimming Pool (Salt water system, handicapped chair and elevator lift)
-104 degree Jacuzzi
-Steam/Sauna Rooms
-Locker Rooms

Additional Health Services Offered:
(not included in membership)

-Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation
-Weight loss
-Physical Therapy
-Spinal Decompression (the NEW Orthopod/Invertabod)
-Personal Training
-TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise)
-Therapeutic Massage
-Stretch, Kickboxing, Body Beautiful & Belly Funk classes

Click the + tab below for info on our TRX classes and Belly Funk classes.

TRX with Norm Church – Belly Funk and Body Beautiful with Amelia Patterson – Kickboxing with Kaiyana Rain

Call 310-559-6900 to reserve a spot or with any questions.

TRX with Norm Church
7:00am – 8:00am Mon, Wed, Fri
8:30am – 9:30am Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun
$30 per class (1st class FREE)
Discounted packages are available

“TRX or Total Body Resistance Exercise is the best workout I’ve done in over 40 years of training. Working three planes of the body simultaneously leads to greater spinal core and joint stability, balance, coordination, range of motion, muscle endurance, and functional strength. The beauty of TRX is that it can be adapted for any fitness level from beginner to super advanced.” -Norm Church, Certified TRX

trx with norm church at international sportscience institute dr leroy perry athletic gymStudent Quotes ~

“Norm is a great teacher. He provides the right balance of challenging us with a huge dose of support. When I started in Norm’s class, my body was full of aches and pains, and there were a few exercises I could barely do. As someone who has exercised her whole life, I was frustrated and demoralized. Because I’ve kept with it, and Norm has been patient, his class has made me stronger. I see more definition in my waistline, more definition of the muscles in my arms and shoulders, and my endurance is better.” – F.B.

trx with norm church at international sportscience institute dr leroy perry athletic club“I am totally addicted and I have taken TRX in other places and nothing compares to this one; this is by far the best! I feel that I am walking straighter and my posture is better. I am safe when I am working out with Norm; he pushes you but he doesn’t push you to a level where you can get hurt; his
knowledge is amazing and the classes are fun.” – Nancy N.S.

Belly Funk and Body Beautiful classes with Amelia Patterson

belly funk with amelia patterson Times to be announced
$15 per class

Belly Funk is a fun and upbeat way to whittle your middle using basic isolated Belly Dance moves. These basic moves will strengthen and lengthen your core while releasing your inhibitions. The class is a fun and sexy way to work your belly.

Body Beautiful focuses on individual muscles to strengthen and shape your body – just feel and watch it

Feature Articles By Dr. LeRoy Perry About Back Pain and Spinal Decompression

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